Being a Dutch guy living in between the Tyrolian mountains it isn’t hard to imagine where my inspiration comes from. I just have to look out of the window. But I also love to go hiking and mountainbiking in the summertime. In the winter alpineskiing and skitouring are a great way to relax and get inspired. Whenever I go out in the mountains my camera is in my backpack.


Classic and vintage cars just look awesome. The more rare, funny or exclusive the better. Russian, Italian or British, it doesn’t matter, as long as they have the looks. And if James Bond drove one, even better. But also motorcycles, 17th century ships, planes and bicycles are great to draw. Any way of transportation actually.


During my journalism study I’ve discovered that hard news wasn’t my main goal. I was way more interested in popculture. So when I started drawing my main inspiration was drawn from this. Nailing the right expression in a portrait is really satisfying and I never get bored with it.


My drawings are analog, Photoshop doesn’t fit me. Black and white covers ninety percent of my portfolio, but lately some colour is making it’s way in there.

If you are interested in my work you can contact me by sending an email to rikreimert[at]

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